The Paul Stoddard Library at Housatonic Valley Regional High School provides a respectful environment in which all patrons- students, staff, and members of the community- can engage in independent and collaborative inquiry through numerous resources that are diverse with regards to media, rigor, and perspective.

The Paul Stoddard Library is open to students, staff, and faculty from 7:30 AM until the late bus- generally 5:30 PM- on open school days. Community members are welcome with prior arrangement with the library staff. We offer curriculum-based print, electronic and audio visual media.

The links below will allow you to search the High School’s collection and that of The Hotchkiss School.

  • HVRHS Library Catalog Search
  • Edsel Ford Library Catalog
  •  HVRHS Overdrive Digital Library   (To log in to Overdrive, students use their ten-digit student IDs and faculty use their ten-digit EIN. The password for everyone is bluegold. You can download books and audiobooks in our Overdrive collection.  Different devices will  require different apps- but download the Overdrive app for free to get started! More titles are coming… stay tuned!)

HVRHS is also happy to provide links to these online encyclopedias for student use.

Additional Resources :
* designates a site requiring logon credentials. Check with the library for details.