The 21st Century Fund is pleased to present its Annual Ingenuity Competition (AIC) to inspire students at Housatonic Valley Regional High School to envision and implement cutting edge projects through ingenuity, teamwork, and delight.
Forming​ ​a​ ​team:​ A “team” is comprised of three current HVRHS students.
Mentor:​ Teams can select (or be assigned) a mentor to assist with the proposal. A mentor can be a teacher, coach, parent, or business person.
Funding:​ ​A $5,000 grant, provided by the 21st Century Fund, will be allotted as follows:
$2,000 for project expenses. $1,000 to each student towards an enriching experience of their choice (e.g. college, workshops, camp, etc.). This portion will be approved by the 21st Century Fund)
Benefits​ ​to​ ​students: Inspire teamwork, Engage students in thinking about contemporary issues, Stimulate critical thinking, Instill project management skills (creating, organizing, implementing), Provide opportunity for winners to enhance their resume.

Students are you EAGER​ ​TO​ ​SHOW​ ​THE​ ​WORLD​ ​HOW​ ​INGENIOUS​ ​YOU​ ​ARE?
With an abundance of boring and useless ideas out there, you now have an opportunity to do something ingenious and important. The 21st Century Fund for HVRHS is launching its second Annual Ingenuity Competition. The purpose is to inspire students to envision, design, and implement cutting edge projects through ingenuity and teamwork. Teams of three students each will develop proposals that address one of the areas listed below. A mentor will be assigned to each participating team to help with developing the proposal. A committee will pick the winning proposal based on criteria such as practicality of implementation and potential impact on an important issue confronting society. Prize money will be awarded to support the implementation of the project. At the end, an award stipend of $1,000 will be awarded to each team member to be used toward an enriching experience of their choice such as college, a workshop, camp, etc. This is an exciting opportunity to do something noteworthy and be rewarded for your efforts. Who knows……your project may land you a spot on the evening news.
Please For further information on how to get started, please contact Dr. Martinez, the school’s project coordinator.

Parent’s​ ​Night​ ​Out
December​ ​8,​ ​2017​ ​from​ ​4:30 – 9:30 pm at Housatonic​ ​Valley​ ​Regional​ ​High​ ​School-​ I​f you’re looking to prepare for the holidays or just a winter night out, The Student Government Association will be holding a fundraiser entitled “Parent’s Night Out.” On this Friday night, there will be students as well as adults from the school who will watch your children. During this time, there will be crafts and activities as well as several movies. These movies include Elf and Frozen. There will also be pizza provided by Stateline Pizza in Canaan, CT. The admission is $12 per child or $30 per family(3 or more children). Relieve yourself of all the holiday stress and drop your children off at Housy for a night out!
Student​ ​Government​ ​Association
The Student Government Association is responsible for school pep rallies and other functions such as the annual Turkey Olympics and Badminton Tournament. In addition to school activities we also hold community activities and fundraisers. Every winter the Student Government holds a Senior Citizen Prom at a local nursing home. They enjoy lots of food, dancing, and prizes. First and foremost the Student Government’s job is to be the voice of the students.

November Newsletter Now Available
November 2017 Newsletter

High School Late Opening Dates 2017-2018
Thursday, December 7 will be the next Teacher Professional Development, the high school will start at 9:45 am and dismiss at the regular time of 2:25 pm. There will also be Late Openings January 25, February 8, March 29, April 26 and May 24.
Click the link for your bus on Late Opening Days:
Cornwall Bus #2 – Late Opening_2017_2018
Cornwall Bus #3 – Late Opening_2017_2018
Cornwall Bus #4 – Late Opening_2017_2018
Falls Village Bus #13 – Late Opening_2017_2018
Falls Village Bus #14 – Late Opening_2017_2018
Kent Bus – #17 Late Opening_2017_2018
Kent Bus #18 – Late Opening_2017_2018
Kent Bus #19 – Late Opening_2017_2018
North Canaan Bus #21 – Late Opening_2017_2018
North Canaan Bus #22 – Late Opening_2017_2018
North Canaan Bus #24 – Late Opening_2017_2018
Salisbury Bus #27 – Late Opening_2017_2018
Salisbury Bus #28- Late Opening_2017_2018
Salisbury Bus #29 – Late Opening_2017_2018
Salisbury Bus #30 – Late Opening_2017_2018
Sharon Bus #5 – Late Opening
Sharon Bus #8 – Late Opening_2017_2018
Sharon Bus #9 – Late Opening_2017_2018

Turkey Olympics
Friday, November 17 after school 2:45 – 5:30 pm in the Gym. Wear your colors! Freshman: Green, Sophomores: Red, Juniors: Gold, Seniors: Blue and Faculty: Black.

Self-defense Club
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2:30-3:30 pm run by community member Bill Anstett. All are welcome – you just need to get a waiver form from Mr. Tripp and return it signed by a parent or guardian. If you are headed off to college next year – this is a great opportunity to gain some confidence in your ability to protect yourself. In addition to learning techniques, you will learn situational awareness and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Order your yearbook for 2018:
school order # 14109 or use school name
Yearbook Information click the link: Yearbook 2018

All-Star Driver is now The Next Street. Classes are conveniently held right after school at HVRHS from 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm in Room 118.
Enroll online at : www.thenextstreet.com/housatonic
Full Driver Education Program
November 27, 2017 – January 29, 2017
8 Hour Safe Driving Course
November 27, 2017 – December 6, 2017

Debate Team
The Housatonic Debate Team meets on Tuesday at 2:30 pm in Room 117. Newcomers are encouraged to attend. See Massyl Mallem or Mr. Lizzi for more details!

Come join us Thursdays from 3-5 pm in room 362!

Robotics Team
The Who’sCTEKS Robotics team meets on Thursdays 5 -7 pm at the Mahoney-Hewat Science & Technology Center (located behind the high School). All are welcome to attend.
Click on the link below for the Who’sCTEKS website:


Shrinking Our Carbon Footprint
Here at Housatonic, we are doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve gotten rid of Styrofoam plates in the cafeteria, and we’re working on eliminating as much plastic as possible from our wastebaskets by looking at solutions such as metal cutlery and boxed water. We’re also using solar power now to offset our fossil fuel consumption. Click on the image to the left to view real-time data on the energy being generated by our new solar panels!

Grading Practices: Raising the Bar for All Students
As explained in the September Parent Newsletter, grading practices are undergoing a significant shift at HVRHS. The changes are based on the philosophy that grades should reflect student achievement and that each student must meet a clearly defined level of proficiency to earn credit for having taken a course.
Any student who receives a grade below 70 on a major assessment (i.e., test, essay, project, etc.) will earn a “Not Yet Proficient” (NYP) mark in their gradebook. This mark is similar to an “Incomplete”: it must be resolved in order for students to earn credit in a course. More than just the average of work assignments, however, students must demonstrate proficiency on the major concepts of a course in order to pass. Central to this policy is the opportunity for “reassessments”: additional attempts to meet course expectations after working with the teacher to address misunderstandings. Whether students are at “NYP” or at an 85% average, they may opt to reassess to improve their performance and understanding.
This approach fundamentally differs from the previous policy in its belief that students must master course concepts in order to earn credit. Using the former “average” approach, students may have passed a course, even though they had not understood some significant portions of the class. A helpful comparison is the medical model: we would not want to graduate a doctor who did not fully understand the nervous system, and we at Housatonic do not want to graduate a high school student who cannot effectively read, write, calculate, and problem solve (for starters!).
The details of how a student may remedy their NYP and demonstrate an acceptable level of proficiency are detailed in the chart above, and additional information about how to resolve an NYP is available in the Parent Newsletter and in the Student Handbook. Please contact your child’s counselor or PLP Coach if you have any questions.