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College Visits

For a full list of colleges that will be visiting our College & Career Resource Center this fall click on the tab for “School Resources” and select “College & Career Resource Center”.

Late Opening Days

This year the high school will have late openings days for teacher professional development on Sept. 29, October 27, January 26, March 30 and May 25. School will begin at 10:00 am on these days. Click the links below to view bell schedule and bus pick up times:

Dr. Martinez to host Parent Partnership meeting

Dr. Martinez will be holding his first Parent Partnership meeting of the year on Tuesday September 27th at 6:30 p.m. in room 133 at the high school. He will present the topic of STUDENT-LED CONFERENCES (SLC’s). All parents, students, and community members are welcome to attend. Light refreshments will be served.
The purpose of the Parent Partnership meeting(s) are to provide an opportunity to dialogue about events at HVRHS and to have open lines on communication with school administration.
Dr. Martinez will also be discussing the student’s Personalized Learning Portfolios (PLP’s) and how they can be utilized by students to closely monitor academic progress.
Personalized learning portfolios empower students by letting them establish individualized goals and select the work of which they are most proud of. Students then share their successes with those individuals who matter most to them.
Student-led conferences and the underlying portfolio development process encourage students to take greater control of their learning. Hope to see you there!

Student-Led Conferences to Launch

Personal Learning Portfolios Showcase Progress

Beginning in September, students will experience a new block in their schedule: the Personal Learning Portfolio (PLP) block. The PLP is a compilation of work that students develop throughout the year that reflects their finest work in targeted academic skills and standards. Students gather pieces of work that demonstrate their strongest efforts, and as the portfolio is being developed, student peers and the Portfolio Coach provide ongoing feedback and recommendations. Mixed-grade level PLP groups allow students to develop supportive relationships, and to sharpen their collaboration, communication, and social skills, while also providing them with an audience that offers descriptive, non-judgmental feedback about their portfolio.

Towards the end of each semester, students lead a conference at which they present the contents of their portfolio, provide insight into each piece’s development and revision, and reflect upon the learning that occurred throughout the process. The Student-Led Conference (SLC) and underlying portfolio development process is designed to help students take ownership of their own growth and learning. Students develop and hone those skills necessary for them to reflect upon their learning and determine the relevance of class assignments. This process will lead to increased student choice, greater student involvement in the assessment process, heightened motivation, and more personalized learning experiences that are rooted in student interest.

In order to accommodate our PLP groups, we have revised the schedule to include a 35-minute meeting each Wednesday. The 10-minute Advisory period has been eliminated in order to reallocate the time for this work. Please click on the “Schedules” link to see the new times.

For more information about the program, please take a look at the PLP Student Handbook (2016-17), linked here.

Student Accident Insurance

If you would like to to learn more about what is offered download the form here:
Student Accident Insurance_2016_2017


Monday, October 24

All students, all grade Teachers & Staff photos will be taken in the library 8:30 am – 2:30 pm
If you would like to order photo please download the form here:Lifetouch photo form
If you are ordering photo please give payment & form to the photographer when you have your photo taken.

AUGUST Senior Portraits

Class of 2017 – Prestige Portraits

Monday, September 26 & Tuesday, September 27
If you did not have your portraits done in July or August please watch your mail for a postcard from Prestige Portraits with new schedule information including your conformation code. If you do not received your postcard please call the main office 860-824-5123 for your conformation code.


All-Star Driver is now The Next Street. For more information call (800) 732-8090 or click this

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Summer Reading Lists Now Available

Looking to start your summer off on the right foot with a good book? Check out our revised summer reading lists for the summer of ’16.
Click here to view the complete list.

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