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a free, after-school art studio available
to all students at HVRHS.

New year. New opportunities…


So what prevents you from making art?

It may simply be TIME and OPPORTUNITY to explore your individual creativity within an open and inviting non-judgmental space.

Artgarage after-school studio is the time and the space.

Art (whatever that means to you) is yours for the making at artgarage.

Come and explore…

Make all kinds of things! Sew, make pottery, paint, sculpt, do collage, draw, doodle, or just go for it on the graffiti wall…
You can also bring your in-school project and other after-school activities into artgarage too and add a little art to that club, sport, theater or class assignment, poster or report! Presentation counts (and gets noticed)!

ART is yours for the making at the artgarage.

artgarage is OPEN FROM 2:30 to 5:00 TUESDAY through THURSDAY
per the late bus schedule. No late bus = no artgarage.

About our Mentors: All of our artist-mentors are professional contemporary artists from the communities around HVRHS. Mentors have expertise to share; as painters, sculptors, graphic designers, illustrators, potters, art teachers, website designer, cartoonist and more. They offer skilled instruction as well as gentle support for each student’s individual artistic journey.

See what is going on at artgarage! “VISIT” and “REQUEST TO JOIN GROUP” at