Applied education, which is the study of human innovation, provides opportunities for students to apply and manage knowledge and resources related to our modern, technological world. It incorporates collaborative, application-oriented, activity-based strategies used to develop creative thinking skills while solving real-world problems. The study of applied education prepares students to become lifelong contributing members of our technological society who comprehend the impact of technology and use it to improve the quality of life for all people.
The HVRHS Applied Education Department provides a variety of course offerings designed to promote the acquisition of 21st Century Skills. Curriculum content includes the development of:

• Life & Career Skills
o Flexibility & Adaptability
o Initiative & Self-direction
o Social Skills
o Productivity & Accountability
• Learning & Innovation Skills
o Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
o Creativity & Innovation
o Communication & Collaboration
• Information, Media, & Technology
o Information Literacy
o Media Literacy
o ICT Literacy

Mr. Paul Padua,  Chair

Mr. John Christinat