Purpose and Mission

The Alumni Wall of Honor (WOH) shall support the core values of Housatonic Valley Regional High School by recognizing those individuals who exemplify them in their life’s work:
“The HVRHS community promotes personal and academic growth, as well as independence of thought and spirit for all its members, within a culture of respect, responsibility and safety. The core values that support this statement include a commitment to 21st century academic expectations which encourage all members to grow to their potential, accept and respect different learning styles, solve problems and think analytically, and communicate their ideas effectively. Members of the school community are also expected to make ethical choices, demonstrate social and civic responsibility, and show pride and care for the school and its environment.”

Selection Committee

The HVRHS Alumni Association will convene a WOH Selection Committee (Committee)
consisting of the Principal, a current as well as a retired high school teacher, a student government leader, and five representatives from the HVRHS Alumni Association.

The Committee will elect one (1) individual to chair the selection process. The chairperson will only vote in the event of a tie.

The Committee reserves the right to remove an inductee at any time based on dishonorable or disreputable behavior.

The Committee will issue a press release by April 1st of the nominating year for the WOH. All Nomination Forms will be due by June 1st. The Committee will convene in June to vote and approve new membership in the WOH.


Inductees to the Wall of Honor shall:

have attended HVRHS for at least two (2) years;
have graduated from HVRHS;
have been an alumnus for at least ten (10) years;
have made significant contributions in their chosen fields, in volunteer service or made significant contributions to the Regional School District #1.
have modeled high standards of excellence in personal and/or professional life.

These attainments shall be verified by members of the Committee. Up to ten (10) nominees shall be inducted every other year, alternating with the years of induction for the Athletic Hall of Fame (HOF). Posthumous nominations will be accepted.

A simple majority vote will determine each inductee.


The WOH Display Case, located in the front hallway of HVRHS, will consist of a series of plaques listing each inductee’s name and graduation year below the WOH year of induction.
An additional video display will feature a multimedia presentation which elaborates the accomplishments of the inductees.
A WOH Membership Plaque will be given each WHO inductee.
The WOH Committee will organize, arrange and conduct the WOH Induction Ceremony.
WOH candidates will be notified in July of the honor. In the case of a nominee’s refusal, the Committee may choose an alternate for entrance into the Wall of Honor.
The WOH Ceremony will be held in the fall of the nominating year.
The Committee will provide a press release prior to and after the Ceremony.
The press will be invited to attend the Ceremony.

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